About Us

Welcome to Eminent Commercial, LLC. We are a Service Disabled Veteran Owner Small Business (SDVOSB) (IN PROGRESS) specializing in private contracts and federal sector. 


We firmly believe that providing a safe workplace is not just a goal, but a requirement. We pride ourselves on our superb safety record and follow industry leading safety practices at all times. 


Our people are what truly sets us apart. With combined experience construction of thirty plus years, we have developed a culture of expertise and a standard of excellence, we only hire the best professionals in the industry. Furthermore, we collaborate with our clients and design teams to develop a solid foundation based on trust and mutual respect.


100% customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We exceed our client's expectations on every project through meeting our deadlines on-time and within budget, implementing our knowledge of the best construction practices, and approaching management with a proactive mentality. We offer a peace of mind selection for every contracting officer we work with and want to build lasting working relationships. 


With over 30 years of combined industry experience, you can rest assured that Eminent Commercial will bring your project to life. We handle all parts of the construction journey - from planning, to building, to ensuring everything meets required specifications, to even planning transportation logistics - we are your one stop for all your contracting needs. 

We are a Services Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) (IN PROGRESS) and pride ourselves on providing 100% customer satisfaction and expert quality. We are not just a construction company; we have the ability and expertise to execute a broad range of general construction services of all magnitudes.