Our Team

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Ted Coleman

Owner & Founder

Ted Coleman is the President of Eminent Commercial. Ted served in the United States Army for 12 years as an Infantryman and worked with the Army Corp of Engineers while serving. Shortly after medically retiring from the Army, Ted landed in the construction industry and has thrived-leading teams and companies to great industry success. 

Ted deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan several times earning numerous valorous awards, including 2 Purple Hearts. He grew up in a Construction family where at a young age he worked on construction sites and eventually led numerous residential and commercial projects. Ted brings the Army values to his company. He believes Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless-Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage is the foundation to any successful organization. 

Ted has always desired to own and operate his own company and brand. He leads his company with dedication and determination. His expectations are above and beyond and have led the industry in doing an exception job while leaving the clients thoroughly satisfied. 

Logan Sligar

Director of Construction Services

Logan Sligar is the Director of Construction Services of Eminent Commercial. With over a decade of experience, Logan Sligar has established his name in the industry. Logan was born into a family of commercial developers and knew he wanted to continue in the business. 

Logan Sligar moved to Texas from his Georgia home to study at the Neely School of Business at Texas Christian University. While at TCU he played Middle Linebacker and was a part of the 2010-11 Rose Bowl Championship Team. He also earned a Player of the Year Award as a Sophmore. After a successful career at TCU, Logan furthered his education at Texas A&M and graduated from one of the most prestigious Construction Sciiences programs in the country.


In his career, Logan has worked with notable architects such as Brinkley Sargent, HKS, Gensler, and Corgan Architects and helped deliver several High-Profile Texas projects. His project wins experience totals over 3 Billion Dollars in contract values, from a billion-dollar data center to the $1.5 billion-dollar Dallas Cowboys' Star Development in Frisco, Texas. Having both experience in the field and in project pursuit efforts, Logan has developed a knowledge base that provides the ability to approach every new project with a proactive mentality and help provide our clients with a full spectrum analysis of future projects. 

Chris Sisemore, Director of Operations.j

Chris Sisemore

Director of Operations

Chris Sisemore is the Director of Operations at Eminent Commercial. With more than a decade of Construction Management experience he has earned the name and respect of being one of the best in the industry. He has grown small companies into large operating organizations that are successful. 

Chris, grew up in Tennessee with his family background in the construction industry. He understands the business and how to improve any situation. 

He had an opportunity to pursue a business degree and work in the construction industry in Texas. He took that opportunity with one goal in mind; to be the best and thrive in the business. 

Chris specializes in creating policies & procedures and implementing them into action for proven results. He understands risk and liability and thrives under pressure. Chris has served as an estimator and project manager for both residential and commercial projects. He understands the day to day tasks on job sites as well as the back-office tasks that some forget exist. Chris brings new ideas to the table at all arenas. He understands the expectations that clients have and will not rest until perfect satisfaction has been met. At Eminent Commercial, Chris sets the bar extremely high and leads by example to ensure our jobs are completed flawlessly leaving no burden for our clients.